The Guild of Enamellers - Journal 2001

 Hints and Tips from 2001

Volume 24, Issue No. 92 Spring 2001


2. Chairman's Letter Judith Harris

3. Taking up Pat Johnson's point Veronica Matthew

4. On reading the Winter Journal Penny Gildea

7. ‘Fired with Colour' exhibition in Edinburgh Dorothy Cockrell

10. How I came to have my own exhibition Penny Gildea

12. Open Books: 'Excessive Pleasures' by Dale Devereux Barker

     'Hydraulic Die Forming' by Susan Kingsley Lynne Glazzard

14. Out and About Veronica Matthew

15. Millennium Project, 'Seasons 2000' Kathleen Kay

19. Colour illustration :- 'Seasons 2000' & Textile Brooches by Jane Ball

20. 'Colour and Light' an Indian experience Dorothy Cockrell

21 & 23. Colour illustrations from the Indian exhibition

26. Colour illustration :- WAGS liquid enamel experiments and this year's cover.

27.WAGS Playschool -  Manipulating Wet Liquid Enamels Joan Bolton King

28. Jewellery by Hali Baykov, shown at Conference 2000

29. China revisited including  Glue used for Cloisonné Maureen Carswell

30. Colour illustration - kilns in China

34. Crafts Fellowship

      1st International Enamel Triennale in Budapest

36. International Section

37. Courses

38. Round the Regions

39. On the Internet

40. Membership Changes

42. For Sale & Wanted, Exhibitions and Diary Dates.

43. Guild Library List.

Volume 24, Issue No. 93 Summer 2001


2. Chairman's Letter

    Theme for next year's competition.

3. Guild Awards and Selection 2001

4. For the Record - The Gilbert Collections Erika Speel

5. At the N.E.C. Geoffrey Winter

6. 'Don't Panic', Painting Enamel with Dayna White Eileen Schneegas

12. ‘Freaks United' Christina Mepham

13. Bilston Enamels Collection and Exhibition Kathleen Kay

16. Bilston Exhibition Mary Ford

17. Colour page - Enamels from the Bilston Exhibition

18. 'Hello' from our new 'Chairthing' Julie Higgins

19. Colour page - work by Julie Higgins

20. More Indian Enamelling Dorothy Cockrell

22. Colour page - Traditional Indian Enamels

23. One of our Members - Harry Nicholson Notes on Two pieces by Harry Nicholson

24. Colour page - work by Harry Nicholson

27. Creative Vision - Fired Play - Texture and Tactile Surfaces Inspirations by Kathleen Kay

32. Question page

     'A Metallurgical Puzzle' Dennis Davies

35. On the Internet

36. Raku Mark Two Dorothy Cockrell

     For Sale

     Round the Regions

39. Treasury of the World Janet Notman

40. Membership Changes

     Diary Dates

Volume 24, Issue No. 94 Autumn 2001


2. Chairman's Letter Julie Higgins

4. 'Winter Time' Geoffrey Winter

5. Enamels at Dudley College of Technology Jean Currie

10. "eNAMEL", Enamel newsletter on the Internet

      Idea from the Enamel Guild North East newsletter

11. Making Line Art Transfers with an InkJet Printer Tony Stephens

15. 'One of our Members' - Eileen Schneegas

16. Work by Eileen Schneegas (colour)

18. Making Beads from Copper Foil Linda Connelly

20. Work by Christina Mepham (colour)

21. 'One of our Members' - Christina Mepham

      For Sale and Wanted

22. Torch Firing done at Maureen Carswell's workshop - April 2001 (colour)

23. Copper Foil Enamelling with Maureen Carswell Christopher Bull

26. Creative Vision-Fired Play: Texture and Tactile Surfaces by Embedding by Kathleen Kay

31. Question Page. Ideas for drawing fine lines

33. Round the Regions

34. Membership Changes

36. Courses

     Diary Dates

Volume 24, Issue No. 95 Winter 2001


2. Chairman's letter Julie Higgins

3. AGM/Conference 2002 Judith Harris

5. Exhibition and Tutorials

6. Awards and Selection Joan Bolton King

8. Richard Fox Award Mark & Anne Painter

9. Open Book ‘Elämää Emalissa' Lynne Glazzard

10. ‘Enamelling’ by Joan Bolton King

12. Arrowmont 2001-Enamelist Society Conference Dorothy Cockrell

15. Jewelled Objects from Mughal India Erika Speel

19. More about Making Transfers with InkJet Printers Tony Stephens

24. Precious Metal Clay and Enamel Molly Bullick

26. Using Gold and Silver Leaf on Pre-Enamelled Metal - April 2001

31. Creative Vision - Fired Play - Texture and Tactile Surfaces using Copper Shim part 1 Kathleen Kay

36. 3D Enamelling Workshop April 2001 with Maureen Carswell Michael Benedict

38. Instructions for a home-made Turntable for Torch firing M.Benedict

39. Copper Beads and Safety Specs.

     For Sale & Wanted

40. Harlan Butt's Magnificent Machine Florentina Nicholls

44. Cloisonne on a flat piece of Copper- notes from Arrowmont Florentina Nicholls

46. Round the Regions

48. Contemporary Japanese Jewellery and Rotary Burnisher

49. Membership Changes

50. Kempton Park, the Guild Web Site and Diary Dates

51. Journal Index for 2000-2001