The Bursary Scheme 2023

Applications for the 2023 Bursary

Applications for the 2023 Bursary may be submitted between the 2nd and the 20th January 2023. Please read the following sections which contain general information on how to apply and what you will need to prepare before submitting your application.

The Guild of Enamellers Bursary award is open to applicants from the United Kingdom and Europe only.



Before the 2nd January 2023

1. Read the terms and conditions

2. Prepare the information that you will need

  • A CV in PDF format. This will be uploaded as a file as part of your application.
  • A description of your previous enamelling experience in a maximum of 1000 characters. This will need to be entered into the application form.
  • A paragraph (again maximum 1000 characters) explaining why you would like to win the Bursary and how you will use it to further your interest in enamelling. This will also need to be entered into your application form.

3. Enamel and photograph three pieces of work

  • The photographs must not be edited (using photo shop or similar), but may be cropped.
  • Photographs may be in JPEG or PNG format
  • Ecah item can have up to four images - images must be no greater than 3MB
  • The work should feature enamel and must be entirely your own work.



Between the 2nd and 20th January 2023

1. Complete an application form

A link to the application form will be available here from the 2nd January. After you have completed and submitted the application form you will be sent an email with further instructions for the next steps. If you don't get an email within 24 hours please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. Join the Guild

A year's free membership is awarded to everyone who completes all steps of the application process for the Bursary.. Instructions on how to join will be found in the email from step above.

3. Upload your images and descriptions

Again, instructions on how to upload images will be in the email from step 1 above. You are asked to submit images of three items. Each item can have up to three associated images. Images can be either jpg or png format and no single image can be bigger than 2MB. The items you enter must be entirely your own work.

  • A title
  • The size of the entry (in centimeters)
  • A brief description of the entry
  • The main base material (for example copper, sterling silver...)
  • The type of item (eg bowl, panel, jewellery....)

You will be able to edit your entry until applications close at midnight (GMT) on the 31st January 2022.



Download the flier and the document below for further information





With thanks to the sponsors of the Bursary


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