The Guild of Enamellers - Journal 2000

Hints and Tips from 2000

Volume 23, Issue No. 88 Spring 2000


2. Chairman's Letter Penny Gildea

The Kenneth Benton Award

3. AGM/Conference 2000

Jum Duckworth Dennis Davies

4. How to obtain sources for Creative Ideas and Sources for Creative Ideas,

with Particular Reference to Gaudi Jean Currie

10. RisoScreen Printing Workshop with Tina Cartledge Bonnie Macintosh

11. Tools for Repoussé (included in Tips 2000) Joan Bolton King

More on Eye Protection Ellen Goldman

12. Region 7 Exhibition and Sale

13. The Machine and Wire Drawing Dennis Davies

16. Jewellery and Enamel Linda Connelly

17. Starting Enamelling - for the Confused Beginner Julie Higgins

19. Shape - 4th in a Series - Shape & Surface Pattern from Lines Kathleen Kay

21. Masks and Isolators Kathleen Kay

22. One of Our Members - Dorothy Budd Joan Bolton King

23. Colour photographs of Dorothy Budd's work

24. Gilt-Metal and Enamel Eric Benton

26. 18th C. English Enamel Plaques - colour photograph NMS

29. Open Books Lynne Glazzard

Exhibition - James Cromer Watt

30. Enamelist Society Visit to China Maureen Carswell

36. 1715 Hardenable Silver

38. ACJ International Conference, Birmingham, July 2000

International Enamel Symposium 2000, Bristol

39. Courses

41. Round the Regions

43. Membership Changes

44. Diary Dates

Guild Library List 2000

Volume 23, Issue No. 89 Summer 2000


2. Chairman's Letter Judith Harris

Guild Awards & Selection 2000

3. An appreciation of Jum Duckworth Terri & Peter Reynolds

4. Art Attack Margaret Taylor

5. Enamelling on Copper Foil - A Tutorial by Betty Butler Julie Higgins

6. Design Workshop led by Robert Campbell Legg Judith Harris

7. The Second Coat Gillian Woolf

8. Reports Back Mary Ford

Competition Theme for AGM 2001 Penny Gildea

10.Shape – 5th in a Series - Lines & Shapes Creating an Illusion of Form Kathleen Kay

13. N.E.C. Report Geoffrey Winter

Enamelling an Ostrich Egg Dorothy Cockrell

14. The Eyes Have It! Terri Reynolds

15. International Enamel Symposium & Workshops at Bristol in July

18. Life in Enamelling - Our Chairman Judith Harris

19. Enamels by Judith Harris - colour page

20. International Enamel Conference in India - February 2001

21. Selling Opportunities

22. Enamels by Dennis Davies - colour page

23. One of our Members - Dennis Davies

24. Open Books Lynne Glazzard

25. Variations on Painting Technique - Stell Shevis (from Glass on Metal)

27. Could you take an Apprentice?

29. Enamelling and Precious Metal Clay Dorothy Cockrell

31. 1999 Guild Video - Jeanne Werge-Hartley's Masterclass 1999

33. Dichroic Glass

37. Round the Regions

39. Courses and For Sale

40. Membership Changes

Volume 23, Issue No. 90 Autumn 2000


2. Chairman's Letter Judith Harris

3.&4. Donald Wilson and Megan Dale Jill Leventon

5. Competition for 2001 Penny Gildea

6. Source material for the Competition Jean Currie

10. For the Record - Enamels in the Bowes Museum, Yorkshire Erika Speel

12. Soldering for enamelling with Richard Witek Janet Notman

17. First winner of the Kenneth Benton Award – Mirror by Lesley Miller

18. ‘Ocean Life’ Mobile by May Yarker

19. Colour illustration - the winning piece for the Kenneth Benton Award

20. Enamelling on Copper Foil with Betty Butler Jane Ball

22. Colour illustration - 'Ocean Life' by May Yarker & ‘Urban Tiger’ necklace by Jane Ball

24. Enamel Painting with Dayna White Enamel Painting with Dayna White Raymond Jackson

27. Essex Designer Jewellery Fair

28. Shape- 6th in a Series - Lines and Shapes as Inspiration Kathleen Kay

30. Enamelling Symposium at the British Museum

31. Visit the Gilbert Collection with the Guild Ian Gurton

Protective Glasses - where to get them Ellen Goldman

32. For Sale and Wanted.

34. Reports from the International Symposium at Bristol, July 2000

Workshop on Direct Printing Techniques Workshop on Direct Printing Techniques for Enamellists Deirdre McCrory

36. 'Imagery without Appropriation' by Marjorie Simon Dorothy Cockrell & Harry Nicholson

39. Membership Changes.

40. Courses and Diary Dates.

Volume 23, Issue No. 91 Winter 2000


2. Chairman’s Letter Judith Harris

3. Executive Notes

4. Conference 2001 Programme and Tutorials

6. Weekend Exhibitions

7. Report from Conference 2000-

Dorothy Cockrell’s Enamelling Mary Ford

Robert Campbell Legg’s Design Margaret Taylor

10. Goldsmith’s Fair Geoffrey Winter

11. Kujaku Reds Sarah Wilson

12. The Guild Stand at Kempton Park Geoffrey Winter

14. Computer Aided Enamelling Tony Stephens

17. Colour Page

18. Jum Duckworth’s Gravestone in Orkney

19. The Joy of the Wiggly Line Kathleen Kay

20. Colour Illustration of the ‘Wiggly Line’

24. ‘Making it Your Own’ Pat Johnson

27. Raku Firing of Enamels Dorothy Cockrell

28. Open Books Lynne Glazzard

29. Enamelling – Ancient Egypt to the Present Day G Hoyte Byrom

31. Craft in Focus

Fired in Colour

32. Round the Regions & Diary Dates

34. Membership Changes & Useful Addresses

35. For Sale & Journal Index 1999-2000