The Guild of Enamellers Journal - 1999


Hints and Tips - 1999

Volume 22, Issue No. 84 Spring 1999


2. Chairman's letter Gerry Lomax

3. Conference Highlights

4. Selling Your Work at York

5. Klimt for Beginners Lesley Miller

9. Second-hand Goods at Conference

11. Building on Basics Repoussé IV Joan Bolton King

14. Enamels at the King's Head Daphne Haynes

15. N.E.C. News Geoffrey Winter

16. Basic Colour Theory part 3 Kathleen Kay

18. Selection Geoffrey Winter

19. Alex. Raphael at our 1998 Conference

21. Colour illustrations of Alex. Raphael's work

23. One of our Members - Harry Morley

24. Colour illustrations of Harry Morley's work

28. Thompson Enamels Ellen Goldman

31. Can you throw any light on this?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

33. Third Piper

33 to 35 Comparative Survey & Table of White Enamels Pat Johnson

37. For Sale and Wanted

Membership Changes

38. Diary Dates

39. Courses and Exhibitions

40. Northern California Enamel Guild; Opportunity to sell?


41. The Guild Library List 1999.

Volume 22, Issue No. 85 Summer 1999


2. Chairman's Letter Penny Gildea

Selection & Awards 1999

3. Vivian Gross Julie Higgins

4. Conference 1999 Julie Higgins

5. Workshop on Basic Enamelling Tony Martin

7. Stan and Marion Fray Ethel Howell

8. Shape 1 - Choosing Copper Shapes Kathleen Kay

9. Help!

10. Building on Basics - Repoussé V Joan Bolton King

13. Eye Protection Eileen Schneegas

16. Portrait of our Chairman - Penny Gildea

Situation Vacant

17. Colour page - Penny Gildea's work

19. Some Thoughts about Enamels Kenneth Benton

20. Colour page - Tap Tops and the winner of the Klimt competition

21. Enamelled Tap Tops Mike Warren

Bulk order for Precious Metal Clay

22. The new Hallmarks

25. Etching with Ferric Nitrate Mike Warren

29. Marbling Paper Dorothy Cockrell

31. Open Books – “Enamelling” by Denise Palmer Betty Butler

33. Round the Regions

34. Useful Addresses

35. Invitation to visit China

For Sale and Wanted


36. Membership Changes

Volume 22, Issue No. 86 Autumn 1999


2. Chairman's Letter Penny Gildea

3. Subscriptions for 2000 Ian Gurton

4. Arnold Howell Jill Leventon

6. Shape 2 - Using Copper Shapes from Suppliers Kathleen Kay

8. Can you help Irina?

10. Open Book Lynne Glazzard

11. Protecting copper edges

12. Cloisonné workshop at York Liz Gilliland

13. Riso Screening at York Ron Robinson

14. Chain Making and Findings workshop at York Carole Jones

16. One of our Members - May Yarker

17. Colour illustration of May Yarker's panel ‘Dance of the Spirit’

20. Colour page - Dragon Necklace, Geoffrey Winter's 'Kiss' and Irina Vyacheclavovna’s pendants

21. The Dragon Necklace Dorothy Cockrell

23. Using the Last of the Kiln Heat Anne Dyer

24. The National Glass Centre (part I) - talk by Barry Clark at York

27. Workshop for the Guild at the National Glass Centre, Sunderland Glass Makers Conference, February 2000

29. Final Report on the Guild Questionnaire Joan Bolton King

33. Round the Regions

For Sale & Wanted

34. Courses, Exhibition at the Oxo Tower and Useful Addresses

36. Membership Changes and Diary Dates

Volume 22, Issue No. 87 Winter 1999


2. Chairman's Letter Penny Gildea

3. 2000 AGM/Conference Judith Harris

4. Tutorials - AGM 2000

5. Awards and Selection 2000 Joan Bolton King

6. Antoni Gaudi Gerry Lomax

8. Kenneth Carter Benton Ron Robinson

The Rebellious Blank Kenneth Benton

9. Paying Subscriptions by Standing Order Ian Gurton

10. Glass 2000 and Paperweights at the NGC

12. Maureen Carswell’s Torch Firing Tutorial Lynne Glazzard

14. Riso Screening with Tina Cartledge Margaret Taylor

15. Summer School on Precious Metal Clay Hazel Barnes

16. KC's Slush Sgraffito Joan Bolton King

19.One of our Members - Mike Warren

21. Colour photographs of Mike Warren's work

23. Colour photographs from the York Conference

25. Shape - third in a series - Circles within CirclesKathleen Kay

28. Open Books Lynne Glazzard

29. Creative Commerce Sarah Wilson

32. Potted History of Glass Making Barry Clark

39. Round the Regions

41. Membership Changes and Situation Vacant

42. Useful Addresses

43. For Sale and Wanted, Diary Dates and Journal Index for 1999