Heather Croft

Dorothy spent a weekend with us discussing and showing us everything to do with Shimmer and Shine. In particular we were given Milton Bridge new Shimmer enamels to use and experiment with. These enamels were launched at the 2022 Conference and Dorothy spent 3 months cataloguing and testing them. Her workbook was quite impressive.

Our first day was everything to do with foils, gold and silver leaf, lustres from Thompson and Pixie dust! Pixie dust is basically mica powder. You can get over 20 colours from Amazon for about £16.00. We were given the different techniques of how to fire foils and gold and silver leaf and the usefulness of hairspray to adhere leaf although the leaf has to be attached immediately. Hairspray was also useful for lustre and pixie dust as it’s so fine it doesn’t drip like Klyr Fire can. It also does not need to dry and can be placed in the kiln directly after application. I tried this out with the Milton Bridge shimmer enamels on the inside of a bowl and it was easy to cover and fire. Very even result with a lovely shimmer but no transparency.

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