Harriet St Leger

Deba started by showing us lots of examples of different effects to create with cloisonné wires of different thicknesses and by using stamps to make a surface pattern. Her examples were very varied and ranged from very immaculate to freer more painterly pieces.

We all bought a little pack in which there was a round piece of fine silver 25mm diameter and just over 1mm thick, various bits of round cloisonné wire, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 and some flat rectangular fine silver wire. The rectangular wire was great to use in the crimping machine, striking effects produced in seconds! Wires could also be twisted with pliers and laid into enamel. Deba pointed out that we could of course use copper wires too.

We were also shown a collection of origami papers with beautiful patterns, from which to draw inspiration and we were allowed to keep one each.

Deba showed us how to make little silver balls by melting bits of wire which could be flattened with a hammer or pliers and laid into enamel to create dots. We all had a go with the punches and got some lovely effects. Deba had a set of Native American punches which were particularly effective.

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