Carol Saxton

“A cloisonné beginner’s class would be the same as a cloisonné  masterclass.” said Melvyn.

There’s an exciting place to start!

Melvyn came very well equipped. He made and counter-enamelled oval silver discs approx. 30x22mm, some flat, some domed and made the 1mm deep silver cloisonné ribbons.

He brought full sets of every tool we would need - fine tweezers, fine scissors, (he uses bonsai scissors and had ‘Gripsnipz’: tiny one-handed shears available from garden centres), flat and long nosed pliers, glass fibre brushes, files, Diagrit, 00 paint brush, Klyr Fire etc.

  1. Clean: Remove grease from disc with Gariflex or diamond file or soap and water, all followed by glass fibre brush under running water. Keep your fingers off the cleaned piece from now on!

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