Kathryn Willis

The theme of the 2022 Chairman’s Award ‘Joyful’ had me thinking about how joyful I felt being able to see family and friends after lockdown and share time with them in the garden amongst the flowers. This was the starting point for my panel.

I wanted to incorporate some relief elements into the panel and started with the flowers, these were constructed using small offcuts of 0.4mm copper sheet. I have had these offcuts for nearly 30 years, they were left over from a job I had with an engineering company making parts for slot machines, so it was about time I found a use for them! Discs with a hole drilled in their centre became the petals. Textured domes were made for the flower centres. These were soldered onto a thin tube to act as a stem and the means of making a tube rivet for attaching the flowers to the panel.

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