Cecilia Zedendahl

I taught a one-week enamelling course from 1-5 of August 2022 at Leksands Folkhögskola in Leksand, Sweden this summer. Of the twelve students most were absolute beginners in enamel, but most had experience, or professions, in other crafts.

On our first day together we decided to work in a very broad range of techniques during this week. We started out with sifting and torch firing small objects, a playful introduction. Going on I demonstrated techniques and decorative media and methods twice daily. The purpose was to get an overview of possibilities and pick a few to practice during the week. We had some marvellous and stunning results from the group in a wide range of techniques because of this.

Autumn2022CZ 1

We variously explored sifting, sgraffito, decals, lustres and painting. We applied glass beads and foil. We tried champlevé, cloisonné and plique-a-jour. We did key rings, earrings and bowls.

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