Margery Levy

Gudde Skyrme's Tutorial: Cardiff, April 1997

Ten 'pupils' gathered round Gudde's table of test pieces and examples for an explanation of what we were to attempt to do.

We knew that the techniques were based on Bill Helwig's Masterclass of 1993 (see Autumn 1993 Journal), but were Gudde's own interpretation of this. Gudde encouraged us to take a free approach. She also suggested that we work on copper not less than 2.5"-3" across.

Gudde began by talking about OXIDES. Underglaze colours are simple Metal Oxides with no glassy content and, therefore, they will not fuse on to metal. Enamel must be used under or over them to fix them. Any colour of oxide on copper will be black because of the influence of the metal. Colours will be retained when put onto subsequent enamel layers. They do not burn or fire away.

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