Tony Langan, Derry

I live in Northern Ireland and was delighted to be told by Camden Workshops about the existence of the Guild of Enamellers. I had gained my knowledge of enamelling mainly from books on the subject and therefore was very pleased to be able to attend a Region 1 Enamel Workshop weekend, with the prospect of meeting other enamellers.

I brought over a five-inch copper bowl which I had spun at home on my workshop lathe. During the weekend I enamelled this bowl in the following manner: -

First of all, I cleaned the bowl in a solution of salt and vinegar, then rinsed it off in water and dried it. I painted the outside of the bowl with Klyr-Fyre and, while it was still wet, sifted on counter enamel. I allowed this to dry slowly on top of the kiln. Then I fired it.

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