Linda began enamelling 12 years ago (with a kiln her husband bought from a junk shop), it has now become an addiction. She spent 4 years on one piece, devoting a large part of her life to it (to her husband's considerable irritation), says that if she was doing it now would do it differently, but learned a lot in the process.

Although she is mainly self-taught, she has done 3 courses with Joan Mackarell at West Dean College, a course with Lexi Dick and is currently doing a basic level silver class in the evening, as she finds it helps her work out her ideas.

Linda works primarily in silver using cloisonné and champleve techniques. She likes to texture the enamel base and then mix and 'paint' with the enamel, adding oxides and fine silver and gold foils. Sometimes she begins with a very detailed idea in her head of how the finished piece will look whilst other times she prefers to let it develop as she works in order to achieve a greater spontaneity.


Linda finds inspiration all around her - found objects - pebbles, shell etc. from the beach; whilst an old iron pot found in a ruined house in Scotland provided the inspiration for one of the "Dunyzade" pins. Her latest work is influenced by the vibrant colours and spectacular architecture of India after visits to Rajasthan and Kerala.

Other ideas come from places, swimming in Crete she saw beneath her a pillar of an old Roman city. "How do they know it's Roman - perhaps it's a Merfolk city" and Enya's song "they dwelt in halls of marble" came into her mind. From this came the mermaid pendant, with a wax modelled surround.

A more life altering experience, the arrival of baby Kieran, produced the lovely bowl which won the 'Weather' competition at Cardiff. We look forward to next year's Conference with keen anticipation.

Summer1997 LC 1


Enamel on Silver by Linda Connelly

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