Dorothy Cockrell

Plique-à-jour enamelling is like stained glass, but it must have light behind it to show the wonderful colours of the enamel which is held in wire or metal cells without a background.

There are several ways of laying in the enamel, but a few points to consider about the actual structure.

  1. Plique-à-jour does not stay well in sharp corners - curves and rounded ends are much better.

  2. An area more than about 1cm square will be difficult to fill and the thickness of metal must not be too thin to start with because stoning and rubbing down can easily result in the piece becoming too thin.

  3. Stoning and rubbing down must be done very carefully, so that too much pressure is not placed on the fragile surface.

  4. Small pieces can be done on a sheet of mica. The mica may lift off and become embedded in the enamel, but it gets rubbed off in the finishing stages.

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