Patients at the Psychiatric Unit

Kathleen Kay

Embedding is a useful word that covers the laying onto the pre- enamelled surface of anything that will fuse into, or be held in place by partly sinking into, the molten surface during firing. The technique can range from the simplest fusing of frits, glass beads, rods, mosaics or millefiore, to the inlaying of intricate designs cut from silver sheet or formed wires.

In the simplest form of embedding, the mere laying of glass beads or millefiore can excite the absolute beginner or youngster who has a go without thought of making patterns - but - even my less able Special Needs teenagers and the patients at the psychiatric hospital can be persuaded to at least select and sort their favourite colours while their fired pieces are cooling, their preferences, with some element of design, giving individuality to their work.

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