Kathleen Kay

In the Autumn Journal I described the 'Snowfall' picture, assembled using enamelled pieces worked by my special needs students; writing about this reminded me of the effects of college cut-backs - cost saving on materials etc. - in changing my way of working.

Some years ago, I used to buy stamped-out copper shapes, not many novelty pieces, but circles, ovals, key fobs and tear shapes. My students do not cut copper, as some would be at risk to themselves and some an even greater risk to others. Wastage from their attempts would also outweigh any financial savings made in purchasing. Now I buy most of the copper for these classes by the sheet, cutting it into squares and rectangles using the college guillotine - hence the patchwork mosaic for 'Snowfall'. I had to design the panel first, then ensure that the students produced all the pieces to fit together something like our plan.

1997Winter KK1 

Previously, when using stamped copper shapes, I mounted them separately onto a fabric covered, or painted, board, as in the trio of panels 'Garden' (see picture), each panel measuring 22" high by 10" wide totalling 22" x 30".

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