Brooch "Coal and pumice"

Brooch "Coal and pumice"
Brooch "Coal and pumice"
  • Exhibition: Bursary 2022
  • Submitted by: Olga Komisarova
  • Name of maker: Olga Komisarova
  • Description of your entry: Contemplation of all the variety of forms, lines and textures of nature directs the gaze into eternity through reflection and solitude. And the texture of the stone, in turn, perfectly reveals the ability to see the charm of the ordinary and the grace of simplicity. The contrast of black and white, the difference in textures and shapes can take our imagination beyond reality, plunge deep into the subconscious and lead to silence. One has only to look closely and maybe you will see not only a stone.
  • Dimensions (cm): 9x8
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Brooch
  • Techniques: Other