The Guild of Enamellers - Journal 2011

Hints and Tips from 2011

Volume 34, Issue No 132 Spring 2011


2. Chairman's Letter Ruby Tomes

4. Suppliers at Conference Liz Gilliland

6. Awards Mary Ford

6. Librarian - vacancy

7. Craft &Design magazine and an Exhibition

8. Guild Exhibition at Ravenstein

9. Invitation to a Free Workshop in The Netherlands Ellen Goldman

11. Enamelled Clocks with Decals Julie Rattray

18. A Story Book Cover Kathleen Kay

21. Some Alchemy with Leaded and Lead Free Enamels Harry Nicholson

25. Invitation from Hungary

26. Electro-Etching and Plating.

28. Torch Fired Beads at Higham Harriet Sainsbury and Jane Sheppard

33. Membership Changes

34. Round the Regions

38. Diary Dates, 'Seek and Adore' & Can you help David?

39. Index for 2010

Volume 34, Issue No 133 Summer 2011


2. Chairman's Letter Tilly Wilkinson

3. Dorothy House and the Guild raffle

4. Annual Awards and Selection; The Guild Bursary; Annual Accounts

5. Could You be our Conference Secretary? Liz Gilliland

5. The Return of the Thermofax

7. Using Silver Foil with Other Techniques Betty Butler

8. Images from Bonnie's workshop

9. 'Significant Figures in Art & Craft Today' book review Erika Speel

10. A Fascinating Day at Nazeing Glass Works Joan Bolton King

11. How to Measure Kiln Temperature Robert Gardiner

12. Using Thompsons Safety Lustre

13. Images from the Conference exhibition

14. Enamelling for the Garden Jane Ball

15. A Selection of Images from Carol Griffin's workshop

17-19. Images from the Themed Subject - Tea

20. 3D Images from the Conference exhibition

22. Award Panels by Laura Ball and more images from the exhibition

23. 'T' for TAROKO - Big pictures - Little kilns Kathleen Kay

26. News from VAN and the collection for Japan

28. Courses

29. Images of Enamel on Silver from the Conference exhibition

31. Membership Changes

33. Round the Regions

36. Diary Dates & β€˜And finally' Penny Gildea

Volume 34, Issue No 134 Autumn 2011


2. Chairman's Letter Tilly Wilkinson

5. Advance Invitation & current Thermofax address

6. craft&design Make your creativity pay Angie & Paul Boyer

8. Enamels Gathering, June 2011 in Denmark (Region 10) Ulla D.Graversen

9. Photographs from Denmark

10. Workshop on Using Photographic Decals with Tamar de Vries Christine Williams

12. Colour photographs from Tamar's workshop

14. Enamelled Accents Workshop with Joy Funnell Jean Dodds

15. Colour photographs from Joy's workshop

17. Courses and Classes

19. For Sale & Wanted.

19. Could you be our Conference Secretary?

21. Simple Little Dishes Kathleen Kay

24. Examples of Waterslide Decals from Region 3 Workshop  Diane Rimmer

25. Colour photographs from the Region 3 workshop

26. Members of our Guild exhibit their work at the Museum in Ravenstein, Holland Ellen Goldman

27. Young Enameller Award Laura Ball describes her designs.

29. Round the Regions

30. Membership Changes

31. Diary Dates and Useful Addresses for Enamellers

Volume 34, Issue No 135 Winter 2011


2. Chairman's Letter Tilly Wilkinson

4. Conference and AGM Liz Gilliland

5. Workshops at our 2012 conference

12. Selection Mary Ford

13. Drawing Day at Bradley Manor Harriet St Leger

15. Proposed EU restriction on lead in jewellery Lynne Glazzard

16. The Coming of St Cuthbert Kathleen Kay

19. Report on Guild Conference 2011 Victoria Lemon

22. Promoting Awareness and Appreciation of Enamel Work and the Exhibition at Whitby 2012 Lesley Miller

26. Courses

29. Bursary Award Winner 2012 Carol Griffin

30. Raku Firing on Copper Shim Christine Williams

32. Copper Foil workshop at Region 7

34. Seeking Fall-through - Region 1&2 workshop with Veronica Matthew and Janet Notman.

36. Correction re: Workshop on Photographic decals by Tamar Winter.

37. Membership Changes

39. Round the Regions

40. The current location of the Thermofax machine

Diary Dates