The Guild of Enamellers – Journal 2004

Hints and Tips from 2004 

Volume 27, Issue No 104 Spring 2004


2. Chairman's Letter Marcia Jeffries

3. Geoffrey Winter retires

4. Guild Conference 2004 Judith Harris

5. Beginner's Guide to Enamelling Dorothy Cockrell

9. How to use your Digital Camera to provide high definition images for making enamel transfers Tony Stephens

12. Exhibition at Bristol

13. Illustrations of using your digital camera to make enamel transfers

14. Kirsti Tuum (nee Saar)

15. Work by Kirsti Tuum

16. Enamel Mugs Erika Speel

18. Colour page - Enamel Mug, Panel by Steve Artz

19. Torch Firing with Steve Artz Dorothy Cockrell

20. Colour page - Enamelled Clock Faces Kathleen Kay

21. Enamelled Clocks Kathleen Kay

24. Torch Firing with Steve Artz - continued

27. Courses

28. The Creative Process and What Kills it (talk by Ken Bova) Gay Bell

31. For Sale and Wanted / Round the Regions

32. Membership Changes & Journal Binders

Volume 27, Issue No 105 Summer 2004


2. Chairman's Letter Gerry Lomax

3. Guild Annual Awards and Selection 

3. Master Class videos

4. Theme for Conference 2005 Marcia Jeffries

5. Hobbycraft at the NEC ?? Carol Griffin

5. Vacancy for Membership Secretary Judy McKellar

7. Start a Visual Diary or Sketchbook Kathleen Kay

9. Dissertation on the Scientific Examination of materials used for Limoges painted enamels. Reviewed by Erika Speel

11. Exhibitions

13. Direct InkJet EnamellingTony Stephens

16. Raku workshop in India Dorothy Cockrell

19. Techniques used by Jenny Gore Dan Nicholson

21. Tip on controlling loose firescale Janet Notman

23. Art Attack 2004 Mary Ford / High Firing at Leicester with Pat Johnson Gillian Woolf

24. Notes on High Firing Pat Johnson

31. Round the Regions

32. Enamel Forum Website 

32. For Sale and Wanted

34. Clock Supplier Kathleen Kay

35. Tip to Avoid Enamel Cooling too Quickly Karla Mya Maxwell

35. Book on Enamelled Coins and Tokens

36. Membership news

Volume 27, Issue No 106 Autumn 2004


2. Chairman’s Letter Gerry Lomax

3. Workshop and Firing Advice Phil Barnes

8. Silver Leaf enamelling on a cup or bowl Nancy Levine Nancy Levine

8. Amazon books/Enamelist Society

10. From Sketch to Pendulum Clock Kathleen Kay

14. Ann Jewell's workshop at Leicester Philip Clayton-Gore

16. Separation Enamel at Conference 2004

17. Lost, Stolen or Strayed?

17. Blundell’s new address

19. Collages with Natural Materials Margery Levy

21. 'Yet another Milestone', 1st Juried Exhibition by the Enamelist Society of India Kana R.Lomror

23. Experiences with Argentum Silver Sandra and Alan Kravitz

24. European and American metal gauge table Alan Kravitz

24. 'Beginner's Guide to Enamelling' published at last

25. Thompson Enamels Ellen Goldman

29. Courses

30. Round the Regions

Tip Janet Notman

31. For Sale and Wanted

32. Membership Changes & Diary Dates

Volume 27, Issue No 107 Winter 2004


2. Chairman's Letter Gerry Lomax

3. Conference Details and Tutorials Judith Harris

5. Guild Rewards Enamelling Skills Joan Bolton King

7. Harry Morley Sue Kewley

10. High Firing with Lead-Free Enamels Janet Notman

12. Germanium Silver Jeanne Werge-Hartley

13. High Firing samples - colour

14. One of Our Members Nancy Levine

15. Work by Nancy Levine - colour

17. Exhibition - Julie Higgins Lesley Miller

18. Work by Julie Higgins - colour

19. Open Books - Charles Horner Gillian Harkness

20. Guild Awards

20. Jewellery by Gillian Harkness

21. Guild Awards Joan Bolton King

23. Design and Practice for Sgraffito Kathleen Kay

24. Storing Samples – tip Janet Notman

25. Stilts for Free Harry Nicholson

26. One of our Advertisers - GM Imber Ltd. Erica Burgin

29. Courses

30. Round the Regions

32. Membership Changes & Diary Dates