The Guild of Enamellers – Journal 2003

Hints and Tips from 2003

Volume 26, Issue No. 100 Spring 2003


2. Chairman’s Letter Erika Speel

4. Conference/AGM 2003 Judith Harris

5. George Waddup Lesley Miller

6. Library information Marion Fray

8. Wire Inlay Kathleen Kay

10. Open Book – The Art of Fine Enamelling by Karen Cohen

11. Can You Enamel a Mermaid?

11 . Proposed List of Members who accept Commissions

13. The American Enamelist Society Conference 2003

15. Work by Wendy Griffith and Margaret Henton - colour

16. Japanese Cloisonné Exhibition at the V&A Erika Speel

17. Colour - illustrations from the Japanese Cloisonné Exhibition

19. Raku Firing part 3 - Using Copper Carbonate and Silver Nitrate to make Lustres Dorothy Cockrell

20. Raku fired silver nitrate lustre bowls by Dorothy Cockrell - colour

22. Work by Gillian Harkness - colour

23. Build Your Own Electric Etching Kit Dorothy Cockrell, How to use your Electric Etching Kit Dorothy Cockrell

32. Courses

33 Etching and Stamping Heather Evans

34. Round the Regions; For Sale & Wanted; National Register of Makers

35. Membership Changes

36. Diary Dates

Volume 26, Issue No. 101 Summer 2003


2. Chairman's Letter Marcia Jeffries

3. Guild Annual Awards and Selection

3. Special Note for New Enamellers Joan Bolton King

4. The Competition Theme for 2004 Erika Speel

Peter Wolfe Joan Bolton King

6. 2003 Hobbycraft Exhibition Kathleen Kay

9. Flowers in Foil Kathleen Kay

13. Flowers in Foil and entries for the 'Human Body' competition

14. Painting on Enamel with Dayna White Sheila Hope

15. Enamels from Dayna White & Bonnie Macintosh's Conference workshops

16. Exploration of Design with Bonnie Macintosh Alexandra Woolner

17. Notes from this year's Chairman Marcia Jeffries

18. Enamel jewellery by Marcia Jeffries

19. Calcine Nancy Levine

20. Panels by Rein Mets and a Camaieu brooch by Kirsti Saar

21. Camaieu in Estonia Dorothy Cockrell

24. Grisaille (from Autumn 1985) Dorothy Budd

25. Firing Copper Beads Janet Notman

27. Round the Regions

28. Courses.

31. Membership Changes.

32. Diary Dates.

Volume 26, Issue No. 102 Autumn 2003


2. Chairman's Letter Marcia Jeffries

3. Congratulations to Jenny Gore, a Correction and a Tip.

5. Festive Foil Kathleen Kay

9. Setting Gravers and Starting Champlevé - Jane Short at York Florentina Nichols

13. A Problem Solved Dennis Davis

14. Designing and Enamelling 3D Animals Joan Bolton King

17. 3D Animals by Joan Bolton King

19. Work from Ellen Goldman's tutorial at York

20. Tutorial with Ellen Goldman at York Betty Butler

21. Enamels at York Railway Museum Erika Speel

23. Hydraulic Presses Chris Matthews

24. Enamels by James Cromar Watt

25. James Cromar Watt - Christine Rew's talk at York

31. Enamelling as well as you can - revised Guidelines on Selection Joan Bolton King

35. Techniques used by Harry Nicholson to create effects on Copper

37. Christmas Fair in Sweden

38. Courses

39. Membership Changes

40. Diary Dates

Volume 26, Issue No 103 Winter 2003


2. Chairman's Letter Marcia Jeffries

3. Conference and AGM details

6. 3D Enamelling  Eileen Schneegas with Sue Bergstrand

10. Enamel Comparison Edmund Massow

13. Enamelling Re-visited Carol Griffm

15. Work by Carol Griffin

16. The Cheapside Hoard by Hazel Forsyth Erika Speel

17. Items from the Cheapside Hoard

18. Fitting a Necklace and pattern

20. Exhibition work by Eileen Schneegas

21. Technical Additions to an Exhibition Eileen Schneegas

22. Enamel and Embroidery panel Kathleen Kay

23.Enamelling and Machine Embroidery  Kathleen Kay

25. Wet Process Enamels and Sgraffito  Jean Mercer

29. Safety in the Enamelling Workshop Sandie Bradshaw

31. Could you write a Thesis? Joan Bolton King

33. Round the Regions; New Publicity Officer; GCDC 2004 Competition

34. For Sale - Expanded Stainless Steel Mesh

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35. Membership Changes

Diary Dates

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