The Guild is run by a committee of members, elected at the AGM, all of whom are unpaid volunteers receiving only certified expenses. The committee meets three times a year, usually in October, February and after the annual conference in April. Throughout the year contact is maintained by email.

Our Chairman is elected for one year, having served first as the Vice-Chairman. Later they become the Past Chairman, serving for three years in all. All the other members of the committee serve for an unspecified term, coming up for re-election at each AGM. Collectively they represent a wealth of experience that is of great benefit to the Guild.

The Chairman represents the Guild and, with the assistance of the whole committee, runs it during their year of office. The Annual Conference is the culmination of their work; they select the venue, tutors and speakers. Together with the Conference Secretary they are responsible for organising and managing this event. As Vice-Chairman they prepare for their year as Chairman and the following year, as Past Chairman they assist the Awards & Selection Secretary and manage the Selection procedures. The Vice-Chairman and Past Chairman, together with the Bursary Secretary, select the annual winner of the Guild Student Bursary.


The team for 2020-2021:                Past chairman: Melvyn Jennings.  Chairman: Joy Funnell. Vice Chair: Shirley Gore


The Guild Secretaries (Jane Ball and Jane Sheppard) are responsible for correspondence and generally assisting the Chairman; also for preparing the agenda and minutes for the AGM and all the Executive meetings.


The Conference Secretary (Teresa Kent) assists the Chairman and Vice Chairman in selecting a venue for each conference, visiting the proposed venues with them. The Conference Secretary then takes over most of the detailed work involved; preparing all the necessary paperwork, writing an informative article for the Winter issue of the journal, receiving members’ booking forms and collating all their requirements. They deal with all conference correspondence, arrange the details of accommodation, meals, tutorial requirements, conference programme, and liaise with the Treasurer and the Membership Secretary.


The Awards and Selection Secretary (Ann Jones) encourages members to enter for Selection and deals with all enquiries and applications regarding it. This Secretary is responsible for looking after the Selectors and entrants for Selection, particularly at the annual conference; also for the Guild trophies and certificates and supplying details of winners to the Editor for publication in the journal.


The Membership Secretary (Julia Riddington) responds to enquiries and sends out printed information about the Guild. She keeps the membership list up to date, processes the annual renewals, sends a ‘welcome pack’ to each new member and informs the appropriate Regional Representative and the Librarian.


The Bursary Secretary (Zoe Slattery) organises the publicity, applications and sponsors for the Guild Student Bursary and, with the Vice-Chairman and Past Chairman, selects the winner.


The Treasurer (Susan Rowley) maintains the accounts, deals with all money matters, prepares the annual balance sheet and keeps the Chairman and Executive Committee advised as to the current state of the Guild’s finances.


The Public Relations Officer  (Melissa Keskinkilinc) promotes the Guild by supplying details and occasional articles to the media, responds to enquiries and contacts made through the website, gathers and coordinates information about workshops and exhibitions etc and organises and manages Guild advertising and promotion etc. 


The Web Master (Zoe Slattery) administers the Guild web site and manages our email service and our Pay Pal account. She is assisted by website editor and photo archivist David Cowling and the Membership Secretary.


The Journal Editor (Dorothy Cockrell) receives (and solicits) all contributions for the quarterly journal, edits and prepares each issue and has it printed and posted. She selects and edits a précis of the contents to be put on the Guild website. The editor keeps master copies of Guild leaflets that go out with the journal and has them printed and distributed as directed by the Chairman or the Executive Committee.


The Librarian (Claire Collen) stores the contents of the library, including archival material such as magazine articles, non-digital photographs, videos and DVDs. They send out books as requested by members, bring a selection of books to the annual conference and compile an annual library list which is published with an issue of the journal.


The Data Officer (Andy Milcoy) is responsible for Guild's GDPR policy


The Health and Safety Officer (Andy Milcoy) is responsible for all aspects of health and safety within the Guild.