Guild News

Guild Awards and Selection 2014

Many congratulations to all our award winners who are as follows:


CGE: Frank Street, Mark Morris, Caroline Tetley, Lynette Williams.

ACGE: Michelle Griffiths, Ann Jones.


Maureen Carswell Award (top mark for Craftsman): Caroline Tetley

Hans Theilade (for new enamellers): Lynette Williams. (Highly commended: Ann Jones)

Fred Barnes Memorial Trophy (Champleve or Basse Taille): Charlotte Smith. (Highly commended: Frank Street)

Kenneth Benton Award (for innovation & originality): Gill Harkness

Peter Wolfe Cloisonné Cup: Melvyn Jennings. (Highly commended: Caroline Tetley)

The Painting Award (using vitreous onglaze pigments): Carmen Lombardi. (Highly commended: Susan Davies)

The Rachel Gogerly Memorial Award (for best finish): Carmen Lombardi

The Chairmans’ Rose Bowl: Tilly Wilkinson

Enameller Elect (the May Yarker Award by Members’ vote): Gill Harkness

Themed Subject (Communication): Jane Sheppard

Judith Harris Young Enamellers Awards

Under 18 - Michael Cartwright

Under 16 - Emily Williams. (Highly commended: Xanthe Spence)

Under 11 - Charlotte Ball


For pictures:



Art in Action 2014

Practical Classes

Online tickets for Practical Classes will be available from the Art in Action website until 7th July 2014. 


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The Practical Classes Teachers are all artists or art teachers. They have a joint display in the Teachers Exhibition Tent and most of the works are for sale. It's a wonderful opportunity to see a wide variety of art created to a very high standard.

It is essential when you enter your class that you hand in your ticket or e-ticket to the class teacher or their assistant.

practical classes practical classes

    Find a Practical Class :        

Practical Class - Jewellery and Enamelling



Pannett Exhibition 2014


PLEASE NOTE: The private view is now on Thursday 2nd October and NOT Friday as stated in the journal.

(view of opening night at our last Pannett exhibition 2012)


We are due to hold an exhibition at the Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby from 3rd October 2014 to 16th November 2014.

Applications by email with JPEG photos attached, send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications should be made now and close on 31st August.

Selection will take place during the first week in September and applicants will be notified by email.

There will be a fee of £10 per person. A cheque for £10 payable to the Guild of Enamellers should be included in your parcel when sending the work.   Work must be posted to Lynne Glazzard, Holly Barn, Glaisdale, Whitby, YO21 2QA to arrive between 15th and 25th September 2014. This will enable us to number and list it ready for hanging. The work will not be insured for the period that it is held in Lynne's studio but will be covered by the gallery insurance during the actual exhibition. If you are concerned about this then please arrange your own insurance cover.  

We have acquired a number of lockable display cases for the display of jewellery.

This is a selling exhibition and, as of April 2014, the gallery commission is 35%

If anyone needs help with the email application or photography then please ask your Regional Representative or one of the Executive Committee.

The hanging will take place 30th September to 2nd October 2014 with a private view on Thursday 2nd October 2014.   The exhibition closes on Sunday 16th November with Dismantling 17th November 2014. The work will be returned to Lynne's studio and arrangements made to return it via regional reps, as happened last time.




This is one of the display cases, showing how it will be hung in the gallery. The case is A2 paper size ie approx 60x40cm and approx 4.5cm deep.








Enamel Colour Tests by Mark Morris

Enamel Colour Tests     

Written by 

These are the set of enamel colours that I got from Milton Bridge's British Enamels set. It was quite a lot of work but worth doing. I've got an order for some cloisonné work and need some compatible non-painting colours. The top three rows are the transparent enamels and the bottom two rows the opaque.

The transparent enamels have been sieved to remove the finer particles and then washed to make them as clear as possible. The strips are done on silver since this reflects the light back through the enamel from behind. I've put a square (or whatever shape I happen to have cut out!) of gold foil at the bottom of the strip to see the difference when the enamel is on gold. Some of the reds come out a bit yellow when on top of silver but are nice and warm on the gold.

The opaque strips have copper as the metal base.

I should do two more rows for the opalescent colours, which will be from the fine particle transparent enamel. When the enamel grains are very small (less than 75 microns) then the vitrified enamel traps tiny air bubbles. The result is a semi-transparent, milky colour, quite useful in some applications!