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Advance Invitation

Have you considered entering your work for selection at next year's conference? Now is the time to be thinking about it as you will need to submit six pieces with accompaying notes. The selection panel of three professional enamellers will study your work and give invaluable feedback. if your work meets required standards, you could be awarded Associate Craftsman (ACGE) or Craftsman of the Guild of Enamellers (CGE) .

If you are new to the craft (three years experience or less), you can submit three or more pieces of your work, with notes, to be considered for the Hans Theilade Award.

Other awards include cloisonne technique, enamel painting and the innovative use of enamel. And for those of you who know any budding young members, please encourage them to enter the Young Enameller Awards.

The themed exhibition is "Jungle", so there really is something for everyone!

Full information on Awards and Selection at the 2012 conference will also be included in the Winter Journal but if you require further details now, please contact our guild Selection Secretary, Mary Ford.