The Guild has sold DVDs for a while now - but more and more people don't have DVD players and want the convenience of being able to play video in a work shop or on a phone. We thought quite a bit about this, there is some amazing content on the Guild's DVDs and basic enamelling methods don't change - so it's all still useful.

In the end we decided to to take the material that is on the DVDs and split it into consumable chunks. The basic copper DVD material can now be purchased as a series of short clips - look at SALES->Videos on this site. It's possible to either download a copy of a clip or just buy a fixed number of 'plays'. The first video is completely free so that you can  get an idea of what the others will be like. All the clips work better on a small-ish screen because they were originally produced for DVD - they will look a bit fuzzy on a very big screen.

You can see the first one by clicking on the  'Play' arrow below.

We hope to make other DVDs (Silver and Beyond Basics) available this way. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions - email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Many congratulations to Guild members Linda Connelly, Keith Seldon, Gillie Hoyte Byrom, Jean Wilkinson and Pat Johnson  on their awards in the 2020 Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards.


Linda Connelly -  Cloisonné Enamel & Lapis Lazuli Necklace - Silver Award



LC 1

 This was the first time Linda had entered, she has written about the experience in her blog - well worth reading  for any other members who might consider entering in 2021. Linda would encourage other people to enter although she admits it was very scary! Let's hope it won't be so scary next year.


Jean Wilkinson - Plique A Jour Koi Carp & Water Lily - Gold Award


JW 1



JW 2

This piece was a long time in the making as Jean does all the silversmithing as well as the enamelling. Jean concentrated on silversmithing before moving to the UK where she met Phil Barnes and started on her Plique a jour journey. Phil encouraged her to finish this piece which she had been designing for some time and she was so delighted to win gold for him! Jean’s Facebook page (Jean Wilkinson Silversmith, Jeweller,Enameller) has some photos too and stage progress ones, including a short video of her piercing the dish.

Interestingly, the very first idea for this came to Jean when she was on the train going up to give the Master Class for the Guild at the conference on Plique a jour many years ago and that’s when she started the fish drawings. So in a way, the Guild is also linked to this piece.


Gillie Hoyte Byrom - Painted Enamel Rings - Silver Award





Well known for her work on enamel portrait minatures, Gillie continues a long record of prize winning entries with these charming rings.


Keith Seldon - Enamelled Trout Painting - Gold Award





Keith is a long term Guild member. The winning (Gold) entry is a painted enamel trout - it's part of the lid of a wooden box.


Pat Johnson - Enamelled Copper Bowls - Bronze Award



PatJ 2

 PatJ 1


Pat is an acknowleged expert in the art of producing beautiful, shimmering colour effects on copper bowls. These are two lovely examples!



It was an inspiration to see so many Guild members winning awards this year, a mixture of 'old hands' and a first time winner. It was also very pleasing to see the influence of Phil Barnes in at least one of the entries, I'm sure that he would have been very proud.




The guild of Enamellers is delighted to announce Jung-Hsuan Lin (Maggie) as the 2020 winner of their annual Bursary Award.

Lin recently completed a two year MA in Jewellery Design at Central St Martins University of Arts, London during which she researched enamel. She understands the heritage, the objects on the market, and the lacking element which stopped enamel being known by the larger audience. The enamel jewellery on the market is considered old fashioned for the current market based on Lin’s research and interviews. Therefore, Lin created her contemporary enamel jewellery collection. In the collection, she combines the dying craftsmanship from Japanese Shippo art, shades of colours to reflect femininity, and transformed curves from traditional architecture around the world.

Lin would like to push enamel jewellery into the full market and continue this extraordinary craftsmanship to the next generation. By winning the bursary, Lin will have the opportunity to expand her contacts and knowledge for enamel.

The Guild is extremely grateful to our joint sponsors, The British Society of Enamellers, W G Ball Limited, Proops Brothers Ltd, Milton Bridge Ceramic Colours and Vitrum Signum for their support of the Bursary Award. Thanks also to their generosity Morven Halliday,  Yaroslava Kellerman and Ming Jui Tsai were awarded runner up prizes.



The selection panel was impressed by the quality and diversity of the applications and were delighted to see both excellence in traditional techniques and candidates who were taking the art of enamelling in new directions.



 CGE and Maureen Carswell Award

Christine Williams


Fred Barnes Memorial Trophy

Irene Pentelow


Peter Wolfe Cloisonne Cup

Linda Connelly


The Painting Award

Marion Edwards


The Rachel Gogerly Memorial Award

Sharon Ford


Chairman's Rose Bowl

Gillian Harkness


May Yarker/Enameller Elect

Winner: Gillian Harkness

Runner up: Maggie Cundy


Themed Exhibition

Winner: Lynette Charles

Runner up: Anne Halligan


Young Enamellers Awards

Under 18: Charlotte Ball

Under 16: Daniel Ball






The Goldsmiths’ Fair stand at Collect 2019, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, was a great success for our exhibitors and the Company this year. We made some exciting sales, not least one of Alexandra Raphael’s newest pieces, the Lace Bowl, an extraordinary feat of the plique-à-jour technique that she has been perfecting throughout her career. The piece was sold to a group of curators from the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum. We are thrilled that this fantastic piece will be entering the collection of the V&A.