There were 19 entries for the Bursary award this year and our congratulations go to winner Elizabeth Campbell from Edinburgh and to runners up: Han-Chieh Chuang, Emma Campbell, Emma Stirling, Georgina Leung and Stephanie Glaves. 

We are surrounded by colour.  The diversity, intensity, clarity and continually changing colours that we see in nature are a constant marvel.Colour is embedded and reflected in every aspect of our life.  From an early age we form colour associations and as we get older we use colour to express our feelings, to warn of danger and to communicate a wealth of situations and events.  In the visual arts, music and literature, colour is frequently used to express a theme, idea or emotion.

For many enamellers it is the realisation that the intensity, clarity, boldness and transparency of colour can be incorporated into the pure metallic colours of gold, silver, copper and steel that initially attracts them to the medium. For others it is the unpredictability and uniqueness of enamel colour and effect on copper.  The incorporation of enamels on metal forms is an excellent example of added value. By adding colour the metal form is enlivened and given spirit, and ultimately the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Victor Vasarely (the father of the Op Art movement) said "Every form is a base for colour and every colour is attributed to form".  Was he thinking about enamelling as he said this?

As we move into autumn the colours around us change with the decreasing light intensity and the shortening days. Many of us find that we have more time for enamelling as we move from the "outdoor" activities of the summer to the "indoor" activities of the winter. The enamel colours incorporated into our pieces at this time of year can liven up the greyest day and enamelling can stimulate us during the shorter days, a time traditionally associated with hibernation. Autumn is a time to experiment, to work on new projects (maybe for a particular award, exhibition, selection or for the conference theme), to plan for the future, and what better way to get ideas and inspiration than to visit the “Heart of the Heat” exhibition.

In November and December this joint BSOE/GOE exhibition in Birmingham will be in full swing. The exhibition will showcase current UK vitreous enamelling practice in all its forms. As well as a selection of pieces from influential enamellers, there will be installations, fine enamelling on jewellery and objets d’art, panels, 3D work, enamel on copper, steel, silver and gold. Please visit the exhibition (see full details later in the Journal) and if you can offer to help whilst there even better.  Watch the website and Facebook pages for updates and developments, or contact us for more information.


In August it was with great sadness that we heard the news that Rachel Gogerly had lost her fight against cancer. Rachel held a number of positions within the Guild; she was a selector, a masterclass tutor and the Guild’s Chair in its 30th year. She generously gave her time and freely shared her expertise and knowledge with Guild members, and her continued support of and services to the Guild have been pivotal in promoting the craft of enamelling and increasing the Guild’s visibility. Rachel was a true ambassador for the Guild and for enamelling. She will be sadly missed.

The Guild of Enamellers yearly cycle culminates with the annual conference, a chance to meet members from across the UK (and beyond) and an opportunity to renew friendships established over the years. Conference is a unique event where enamellers, whether they are professional, teacher, hobbyist or enthusiast amateur, can meet to participate in and champion the craft of enamelling. For the executive committee, conference is the fruit of two years of planning; selecting and securing a venue, organising tutors, selectors and speakers, coordinating suppliers, and dealing with the unique practicalities of enamelling in conjunction with the conference venue. However conference is just one of the many activities that the Guild and its members participate in and the year ahead is full of opportunities to participate.

At a regional level the workshops and related activities encourage members to participate at a local level. Regional events are ideal occasions for member to develop their skills, explore new techniques, share their enamelling experiences and encourage grass roots participation. The  2013/2014 Guild regional events calendar is already well populated with innovative and diverse workshops where member participation is key to success. Media developed and distributed by Guild members such as the quarterly Journal, the library and the DVDs allows dissemination of the extensive technical knowledge and resources held by the Guild and its members, whilst the ever expanding website and Facebook pages allow members instant access and give the Guild outward visibility in an increasingly “mobile” world. All of these activities and resources enhance the
Guild’s ability to encourage and promote the craft of enamelling. However, they rely on member participation via contributions of articles, web posts, technical expertise, volunteering and attendance.

Guild members are instrumental in supporting public participation events such as Hobbycraft, Art in Action and Fusion Open Day, events that provide the Guild with opportunities to disseminate knowledge, demonstrate skills and interact with other similar organisations. Participation in exhibitions such as the Button Project, Heat is On in Whitby and the GOE exhibition in Ravenstein in Holland show the quality and diversity of enamelling produced by Guild members and again promote enamelling to a wider audience. The Bursary Award, supported by the Guild and its
sponsors, encourages young artists to specifically develop their enamelling skills and offers them unique participation opportunities to enhance their skills through mentoring and workshops, whilst the Young Enamellers award scheme has encouraged participation from younger members. By nurturing these new generations of enamellers and encouraging their participation in Guild activities we are securing the future of the Guild.

As I embark on my year as Chair, I am looking forward to participating and engaging with Guild members across the country and hopefully getting a chance to share some enamelling at the regional workshops. This year I hope Guild members will be inspired to volunteer for the Guild- supported public events such as Hobbycraft, Art in Action and Fusion and that members will consider submitting work for the planned joint exhibition with the British Society of Enamellers. I am honoured to be guiding the Guild through its diverse range of activities in 2013/2014, activities which culminate in Leicester for Conference 2014. But please remember that whilst conference may be the culmination of the Guild’s year, the year ahead is full of opportunities to participate (fill details of all these activities are posted regularly on the Guild website and in the Journal).

So on that thought let’s all participate in the diverse and unique opportunities that the Guild has to offer, let’s get enamelling and let’s get
enamelling out there.

What a great turnout for our A4 panels workshop at M&CT in St. Helens on Saturday. Our chair Julie Rattray was visiting too along with several other members from both Regions 1 and 2 and Region 4.

On 26th October we'll be back at the factory again for our next workshop: High Firing with Jill Leventon.

Lots more photos on facebook