Friendship & Continuity - Themed Exhibition 2020

Julie Rattray, Jane Ball, Jill Leventon, Jackie Phillips, Jane Sheppard, Harriet Spence



This pyramid is a collaborative piece by six friends, Julie Rattray, Jane Ball , Jill Leventon, Jackie Phillips , Jane Sheppard  and Harriet Spence (The Caersws Six).
Various ways of keeping the continuity between all our pieces were discussed. Eventually we decided on the main colours to use and how to maintain the flow between the very different work, with the cut lines carrying over from one piece to the next.

Many thanks to other friends, George Parkinson, who compiled and formatted the booklet, and Russell Parry, who made the supporting pyramid.
Amazingly, we are all still friends!




 Flower Show - Themed Exhibition 2021

Harriet Wilson



This is a little box measuring 6 x 7 x 5 cms. It features a flower stall with a single bloom in a flower pot taking centre stage and 6 others joining the show.
The piece is an automaton, the flower in the pot happily pops up, down and round by means of a camshaft inside the box. You can see the workings through a small door in the back. The other flowers are mounted on tensioned steel piano wire which makes them jiggle with excitement when the box is moved.
The box was enamelled with wet process enamel in dry form on the outside and ground coat enamel on the inside. The flowers were riveted and then enamelled with opaques. Floral wafers decorate the centre of the blooms and also feature in the grass at the base. The signs are decals fired onto enamel.
The piece is intended to be colourful and fun as all good flower shows should be.
If you would like to see the piece working follow thi link where you can see a short video.




Enameller Elect

Jane Short




A wavy beaker,  90mms high, 70mm diameter
Gilded interior
. Jane's web site can be found here



Chairman's Rose Bowl - Certificate of Merit

Deba McDonald



The design for my brooch was inspired by a photo I once saw by Ansel Adams. The colours I used are completely different from the actual leaves in reality. I love the actual hand engraving, the texturing, colours and it just kind of came together into a brooch I'm proud to have made.




Chairman's Rose Bowl - Winner

Zoe Slattery 



A flower show of three double sided pendants based on images of snowdrop, sweet pea, echinacea and coreopsis. Sterling silver, lightly etched to get the outline and then engraved and textured. Each pendant is 3.5 cm high and 2.5 cm wide.

Every year (or so) the front cover of the Guild of Enamellers' journal is updated with a new design. This year's design was by Joy Funnell (the current Chair of the Guild) and I love the way that she has turned the Guild's logo into a 3D object just by adding a few 'engraved' lines. This is the essence of what we try to do when engraving under transparent enamel - giving body and movement to a flat surface. Joy mentions in the  Spring 2021 Journal that the design was inspired by Phil Barnes' work - I think she has nailed it.

GOE Cover drawn design with drop shadow a small

As we cannot meet in person this year we decided we'd share our work at the conference using an on-line exhibition. Members who have registered  for the conference can submit images of their work to four on-line exhibitions. During the weekend of the conference people who are attending will be able to view the images and vote for their favourites. We are really looking forward to seeing what our members have produced for the two themed exhibitions 'Friendship & Continuity' and 'A Flower Show'  - such a lot of scope there to make some beautiful things.

The deadline for submitting online entries is 12 midday (UK time) on the 6th April 2021.

Here is a short video here which explains how to upload images:


The Guild's teaching videos now include clips from the 'Silver' and from 'Copper - Beyond the Basics' DVDs. Check under SALES->Videos for more information. Here is a short clip from 'Enamelling on Silver Clay' by Joy Funnell.

Happy enamelling!

The Guild has sold DVDs for a while now - but more and more people don't have DVD players and want the convenience of being able to play video in a work shop or on a phone. We thought quite a bit about this, there is some amazing content on the Guild's DVDs and basic enamelling methods don't change - so it's all still useful.

In the end we decided to to take the material that is on the DVDs and split it into consumable chunks. The basic copper DVD material can now be purchased as a series of short clips - look at SALES->Videos on this site. It's possible to either download a copy of a clip or just buy a fixed number of 'plays'. The first video is completely free so that you can  get an idea of what the others will be like. All the clips work better on a small-ish screen because they were originally produced for DVD - they will look a bit fuzzy on a very big screen.

You can see the first one by clicking on the  'Play' arrow below.

We hope to make other DVDs (Silver and Beyond Basics) available this way. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions - email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..