Here are details of the eight workshops to be held at conference from 17th to 19th April 2020 at Moulton College.

If you need a copy of the application form, there is a downloadable version at the bottom of this article



Hard and Soft Enamels with Dorothy Cockrell

This is an experimental workshop designed to show how enamels of differing viscosities can be used to give unusual and unexpected effects if they are layered one upon another. It may also explain unforeseen results in your previous work.

We will look for interesting effects by layering hard and soft, leaded and unleaded enamels, amd also by applying layers through stencils so that some areas have ‘fall through’ and others do not.



Cloisonné around a Sterling Silver Bead with Lynne Glazzard

This workshop is for those would like to learn a technique to add fine silver wires to a sterling silver bead and then enamel around it. I will guide you through each step of the process.

You will be asked to bring a limited range of transparent enamel ready washed and ground in sealed containers in purified or distilled water. Please bring colours suitable for enamelling on sterling silver.

I will supply a workshop pack including a sterling silver bead, fine silver wire and other materials for the project. The charge will be around £15.



Everlasting Flowers with Carol Griffin

A fun and easy workshop, working with copper shim/foil, recycled tin cans, wet process enamel and pop rivets!

Using steel dies (to cut out the shapes) embossing folders (used for card making), plus doming punches, we shall make a selection of flowers, in a variety of colours, textures and finishes producing ‘potted plants’ to take home! It’s as easy or as fiddly as you want to make it! (They are suitable for outdoors and indoors).



Torch Fired Silver Pendant in a Day with Carole Lockwood.

For this workshop you will torch fire wet laid enamel on fine silver sheet that you have textured, cut, domed and soldered on a bail, so be prepared for a busy day!

Textures will be made using hammers, punches or even gravers if you wish. We will look at different ways of holding our pieces whilst enamelling in this way and the types of torches that can be used. The beauty of torch firing is that you are able to see exactly what is happening to the enamel as it is heated.

I will supply a silver kit for this workshop priced around £10.00.



Etching on Steel with Sarah Macrae

Sarah Macrae is a jeweller, teacher and is a member of the Designer Jewellers Group and the ACJ.

This workshop will look at different resists for etching including using PNP paper. The main focus will be electro etching steel with salt to make patterned plates for roller printing silver or copper to use either under enamel or to pattern the backs of pieces. It will also cover etching with Ferric Nitrate to etch silver with sufficient depth for enamel.

Delegates choosing this workshop will need to send their designs for printing onto PNP paper to Sarah two weeks before the conference.



Engraving with Angus McFadyen

This will cover the setting up, sharpening and care of gravers, followed by the basics of simple engraving on copper.



Screenprinting for Enamellists with Julie Rattray - stencils, riso screens, silk screens and beyond.

In this workshop riso and silk screens will be used to look at the screenprinting technique and how it can be applied to enamelling.  The workshop will show how versatile and accessible screenprinting can be, how it can be used without lots of specialist equipment, and how it can be adapted to suit many different enamelling approaches. Silkscreen production and use will also be demonstrated.

Participants will have the opportunity to produce their own silkscreen and to try a range of different techniques and application methods including using images, pattern and text; using stencils, stickers and pre-emulsioned screens; using enamels and ceramic pigments; using oil and H2O based screening medium; layering of images; making multiple prints; decal production; riso versus silk screen; use on copper and steel; and technical limits.



The Magic of Plique a Jour Enamelling with Jean Wilkinson

Students will learn to prepare the transparent enamels and the silver pieces for Plique a Jour enamelling. We will enamel unbacked and experience the stages of Plique a Jour work using quills and brushes. A selection of pierced silver castings will be available to work with at cost. A full list of requirements will be available closer to the time.