Look and Draw part 2 “I CAN’T DRAW”

So many people say this in desperation that I’m going to try and instil a little courage!

Take a pencil.   Draw a line. This is a start.

Now find a small twig. Draw its stem. Is it straight, curved or does it zigzag?

Now look for where the buds grow and put these in. If you can do this you can draw.

Look at the twig and leaves closely and keep your drawing small and very simple.

Draw an outline of one or more of the leaves showing how they are arranged on the stalk. Don’t get discouraged but try again if the stalk goes wobbly or the leaves are not how you want them to be.

Start to look at various leaves and even make a collection of tiny leaves and stick them on a sheet pf paper for future reference. When you want to use them (and we will discuss design later) draw their outlines freehand.

I am frightened of large sheets of blank paper (in fact my mind becomes as blank as the paper) so I buy a small sketch book of good quality cartridge paper and cut it up even smaller. My present pieces are roughly 4” x 2½”.

The sketches/ideas that I want to keep are put into photo albums which have clear sheets of film under which I place them. They can be removed or rearranged as I wish. Don’t throw any away, but put the ‘duds’ in a box so that you can see your progress later on.

I was told to draw for half and hour a day by one of my teachers. I don’t and now when I pick up a pencil I realise how out of practice I have become. Perhaps writing this article will make me draw a little more often.