Each artist may submit ONE button only for the display.
We are looking for a special, showcase button that demonstrates your art and skill.
You may wish to explore ideas of silk, Macclesfield, Metamorphosis (the Barnaby theme), heritage, skills, among others.  We are looking for something that will be different from the other buttons in the show.
The button can be up to 1.5 - 3 cm wide x 1.5 - 3 cm high x 3cm thickness and can be made from any reasonably durable and safe-to-handle material.  They don’t have to be round.
The button must be functional as a button.
The button must have a loop on the back or 2 or more holes in the button itself to enable it to be fixed to a backing cloth.


Who can take part?

The Button Project is open to artists, designers, makers and craftspeople. All buttons received by the date below will be exhibited.


A highly engaging display for press and public alike

The Buttons will make a stunning display. We already have promises of over 100, ranging from fabric and thread, plastics and wood, precious metals and glass.  The collective display will be to die for, and the individual buttons highly collectible.  Not to mention an engaging story for press and public alike.


Want to make more?

You may submit ONE button only for the display.  However, depending on your technique, some of you may find that it is more economical to make a set. You may submit up to three additional buttons as a set, to be sold separately. The price of each of these buttons must be the same as your single display button.



Deadline for receipt of expressions of interest: 4 March 2013 (but earlier if possible)

Delivery of Buttons to the Heritage Centre: 29 April - 4 May 2013

Deadline for receipt of photographs of buttons: 4 May 2013 (but don’t delay, send one as soon as you have it!)

Dates of show: 14 June – 8 August 2013

Opening event: Friday 14 June 6-9pm 2013

Collection of unsold work:  26-30 August 2013