Many congratulations to Guild members Linda Connelly, Keith Seldon, Gillie Hoyte Byrom, Jean Wilkinson and Pat Johnson  on their awards in the 2020 Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards.


Linda Connelly -  Cloisonné Enamel & Lapis Lazuli Necklace - Silver Award



LC 1

 This was the first time Linda had entered, she has written about the experience in her blog - well worth reading  for any other members who might consider entering in 2021. Linda would encourage other people to enter although she admits it was very scary! Let's hope it won't be so scary next year.


Jean Wilkinson - Plique A Jour Koi Carp & Water Lily - Gold Award


JW 1



JW 2

This piece was a long time in the making as Jean does all the silversmithing as well as the enamelling. Jean concentrated on silversmithing before moving to the UK where she met Phil Barnes and started on her Plique a jour journey. Phil encouraged her to finish this piece which she had been designing for some time and she was so delighted to win gold for him! Jean’s Facebook page (Jean Wilkinson Silversmith, Jeweller,Enameller) has some photos too and stage progress ones, including a short video of her piercing the dish.

Interestingly, the very first idea for this came to Jean when she was on the train going up to give the Master Class for the Guild at the conference on Plique a jour many years ago and that’s when she started the fish drawings. So in a way, the Guild is also linked to this piece.


Gillie Hoyte Byrom - Painted Enamel Rings - Silver Award





Well known for her work on enamel portrait minatures, Gillie continues a long record of prize winning entries with these charming rings.


Keith Seldon - Enamelled Trout Painting - Gold Award





Keith is a long term Guild member. The winning (Gold) entry is a painted enamel trout - it's part of the lid of a wooden box.


Pat Johnson - Enamelled Copper Bowls - Bronze Award



PatJ 2

 PatJ 1


Pat is an acknowleged expert in the art of producing beautiful, shimmering colour effects on copper bowls. These are two lovely examples!



It was an inspiration to see so many Guild members winning awards this year, a mixture of 'old hands' and a first time winner. It was also very pleasing to see the influence of Phil Barnes in at least one of the entries, I'm sure that he would have been very proud.