Enamel Colour Tests     

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These are the set of enamel colours that I got from Milton Bridge's British Enamels set. It was quite a lot of work but worth doing. I've got an order for some cloisonné work and need some compatible non-painting colours. The top three rows are the transparent enamels and the bottom two rows the opaque.

The transparent enamels have been sieved to remove the finer particles and then washed to make them as clear as possible. The strips are done on silver since this reflects the light back through the enamel from behind. I've put a square (or whatever shape I happen to have cut out!) of gold foil at the bottom of the strip to see the difference when the enamel is on gold. Some of the reds come out a bit yellow when on top of silver but are nice and warm on the gold.

The opaque strips have copper as the metal base.

I should do two more rows for the opalescent colours, which will be from the fine particle transparent enamel. When the enamel grains are very small (less than 75 microns) then the vitrified enamel traps tiny air bubbles. The result is a semi-transparent, milky colour, quite useful in some applications!