In 2013 applications came in quickly and some workshops were fully booked very early in the process. This led to some members, who were away when the journal came out, being disappointed. To try and avoid this in 2014 (and help if there are postal delays) details of the workshops and conference cost will be available on the website from the same time as the journal should be received (Dec 28th).

I hope that the majority of applications will still be submitted by post accompanied by a cheque (or cheques). However, I will accept e-mail notification of workshop preferences and, if necessary, payment can be made by direct transfer (not paypal) to the Guild’s bank account after emailing me for the necessary details.

To try and keep allocation as fair as possible and avoid timing discrepancies, I will not ‘open‘ for applications until Tuesday 31st December and although workshop places will then be provisionally allocated, these will not be confirmed unless payment has been received and will not be held for more than 7 days. If by any chance a workshop is over-subscribed on the 31st then a ballot will be held.

Jane Sheppard

Conference Secretary