Flamefast LN900 for Sale

For Sale: Flamefast LN900 gas kiln.




Delightful little kiln, very rare (dating from the 1980's) and in excellent condition. I have only ever seen two of the type which I've pictured with the Pro-1 for size comparison. For those of you familiar with Flamefasts they are Intermediate between the LN1000 and the Flamefast minikiln. Chamber is 100x70x140 mm, similar to the Prometheus Pro 1 or Uhlig U5.
Runs on propane or butane and heats up amazingly quickly: 900 degrees C in around 10 minutes.
Old (obviously) but in perfect working order. Floor tile removable and also very clean.

All proceeds from this sale will go into Guild funds

Offers around £150 plus £15 post and packing.
Please email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.