Becoming a member of The Guild of Enamellers opens many opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and your own aspirations to improve your own enamelling techniques. At the Annual Guild Conference members can enter their work for assessment, by three selectors, who are appointed on a three year rolling programme from amongst the best known and experienced enamellers within the Guild.

On entering selection members are required to submit six pieces of their work, using at least three different techniques, along with accompanying notes for each piece. A 50% pass mark will secure Associated status and Craftsman is gained with a 75% pass mark.

However, a formal entry and entry fee is required before being accepted for selection. Upon achieving the Associate or Craftsman award, members have the privilege of using the letters ACGE and CGE.

Research Fellowship

This Research Award recognises a paper on any aspect of  Enamelling which shows sufficient merit in meeting the following criteria:

  • ● It should be an ordered, critical and reasoned statement of knowledge gained through the candidate's own efforts
  • ● It should be worthy of a place in the Guild library for the benefit of all members
  • ● It should show awareness of existing literature on the subject with acknowledgements where appropriate

Any one contemplating entry for Selection or Research Fellowship is advised to request copies of the Guidelines and additional notes from the Awards and Selection Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.