• Exhibition: Underwater flora and fauna - 2024
  • Description of your entry: This entry consists of two pieces of work to be displayed next to one another. I have been working on a series of Endangered Species for a few years. The first piece - Bliss - is reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea and life of sea creatures (a turtle) as it has been for millennia. The turtle is enamelled on copper, with transparent colours and silver foil. The frame is made from copper shim, and also features some silver foil.
    The second piece -Abyss2- has a turtle in a silver frame that is electro formed with dried up acrylic paints to depict the plastic pollution in our seas. It is then wrapped in plastic netting, and displayed on a mirror. The onlooker might see themselves in the mirror.

    (Abyss1 was a silver polar bear on a labradorite iceberg - not enamelled)
  • Dimensions (cm): 35x17.5 for both, 17.5x17.5 each
  • Techniques: Crackle, Embedding and decorative media, Foil/leaf, Painting, Press/fold forming
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: 3D Form
  • Name of maker: Silke Espinet
  • Link to further information: http://silkeespinetdesign
  • Photo credit: Silke Espinet