Water reeds brooch black and white - set in silver

  • Exhibition: Underwater flora and fauna - 2024
  • Description of your entry: The under-water reeds are depicted using finely stencilled lines where the grains of powdered enamel have been allowed to “bounce” representing the microorganisms that surround them. The base metal is copper (0.9mm) which was cut to the size of a template to fit a sterling silver frame that was made first. A hole was cut and slightly off-set, so the copper was visible for hallmarking purposes. White Blythe BJG 1 enamel was sifted onto the piece first and fired at 850oC for 1min, then a second layer was applied firing for 1min 10 seconds allowing a slight tinge of green to appear around the edges and grains. Then the reeds were applied through a stencil using a 200-mesh sieve and Blythe BJG E1 black and fired for 45 seconds. The piece was sanded on the edges and matted for 20 seconds in matting solution. The piece was mounted in the silver frame with two silver engraved reeds soldered to the frame and handmade brooch fittings and stainless-steel wire pin.
  • Dimensions (cm): 4.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Techniques: Stencils (including riso screens), Other
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Brooch
  • Name of maker: Cathy Timbrell