Seascape Jigsaw

  • Exhibition: Underwater flora and fauna - 2024
  • Description of your entry: A highly-textured scene of kelp in the ocean under a radiant full moon created by piercing copper sheet into a jigsaw, individually enamelling each piece using a variety of techniques, and reassembling into a plaque on an MDF backing. The enamels are all Thompson unleaded: crackle, transparent, and opaque. The techniques used are crackle/breakthrough, eutectics/high firing, foil, embedding/decorative media, and wet process.
  • Dimensions (cm): 20 cm H x 10 cm W (37 cm H x 27 cm W framed)
  • Techniques: Crackle, Embedding and decorative media, High firing, Wet process, Other
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Panel
  • Name of maker: Navah Langmeyer
  • Link to further information:
  • Photo credit: Navah Langmeyer