Enamelled Flip Ring

  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2024
  • Description of your entry: The base for this piece was made by carving the design of either side of the ring into two different pieces of charcoal block. Silver was melted onto one piece and the other piece lowered down onto the molten silver to produce a double sided design, this took many attempts. The result it a raised silver design on either side. I then had a mould made of the resultant double sided ring face and this was cast in silver. This ring is made from a casting of the original. It has been enamelled on both sides and made into a reversible ring. It is showing two seasons - the flower and the seed-head.
  • Dimensions (cm): Faces 2.5 x 1.5
  • Techniques: Uncategorised
  • Main base material: Sterling silver
  • Type of item: Ring
  • Name of maker: Cathy Newell Price
  • Link to further information: https://www.cathynewellprice.co.uk