South Downs Walk

  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2024
  • Description of your entry: Belinda, a Brighton-based Designer, intricately weaves her lived experiences, environmental concerns, and research of specific landscapes into her designs.
    Her work reflects a profound connection to nature, raising awareness and appreciation for our surroundings.
    Her practice explores these ideas using kiln fired vitreous enamel applied to low carbon steel panels which are abraded,
    enamelled and refired multiple times resulting in hidden narratives layered amongst a poetic visceral response.
    She is not trying to represent the landscape, rather fostering a sense of placement within space through her use of materials and mark making.
    These panels are part of a larger piece documenting a 34km walk from Shoreham to Lewes in East Sussex.
  • Dimensions (cm): 28 x 28cm
  • Techniques: High firing, Liquid enamels, Sgraffito, Stencils (including riso screens), Wet process
  • Main base material: Steel
  • Type of item: Panel
  • Name of maker: Belinda Coyne
  • Photo credit: Belinda Coyne