In and Out the Dusky Bluebells II

  • Exhibition: It's all in the detail - 2023
  • Description of your entry: A necklace comprising a central pendant with enamel beads and freshwater pearls. The cloisonne enamel comprises fine gold and silver wires over hand engraved silver. It depicts bluebells in ancient woodland with silver birch trunks in the background. The central pendant features an Iolite set in 18ct gold. The reverse has pierced details of bluebells and silver birch leaves.
  • Dimensions (cm): 6.5x4.5 central element
  • Techniques: Cloisonné, Engraving, Painting
  • Main base material: Fine silver
  • Type of item: Necklace
  • Name of maker: Linda Connelly
  • Photo credit: Linda Connelly
  • Award associated with this entry: Themed Exhibition Winner