Red, Pink & Green Pendant

  • Exhibition: It's all in the detail - 2023
  • Description of your entry: On this pendant I used cloisonné in a different way. I used fine silver wires and tiny fine silver balls in a more decorative design with a few 'cells' to be filled in as in traditional cloisonné. I made a setting with a Ruby in Zoisite checkerboard cabochon in the middle and the setting itself is sterling silver with small tabs to hold the enamelled pear shape in place. Transparent pinks, raspberry, harrods breen and birmingham turquoise were used. The enamelled piece is made of 0.5 cms fine silver sheet.
  • Dimensions (cm): 2.3 cms x 4.8 centimetres
  • Techniques: Cloisonné
  • Main base material: Fine silver
  • Type of item: Pendant
  • Name of maker: Deba McDonald
  • Link to further information: