It's all in the detail

  • Exhibition: It's all in the detail - 2023
  • Description of your entry: The devil is in the detail so they say and this is no truer than in the world of banking and finance. This mosaic depicts the gherkin in 65 detailed enamelled tiles, which pieced together, form this iconic building in the City of London. The details of investments, banking and funds that affect all of us but over which we have little or no control can be seen splashed across in newspaper typeface. The whole is set on the pink Market Data page of the Financial Times. Oh, and somewhere in the detail you will indeed find the devil himself!
  • Dimensions (cm): Approx 11 x 30
  • Techniques: Liquid enamels, Transfers/Decals
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Panel
  • Name of maker: Harriet Wilson
  • Award associated with this entry: Chairmans Rose Bowl, Themed Exhibition Winner