'Eye of the beholder' - Evolution

  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2023
  • Description of your entry: A Caersws 6+2 project - Two 5cm domed copper discs cleaned & counter enamelled:

    1) Human eye; basecoat LJE 0141 (Milton Bridge hard white) and by a fortuitous mistake, a second coat of MB DW1 both fired at 800oC; the DW1 being harder, fell through the 0141 and gave a surprisingly good skin texture. Surface matted with med diamond pad, eye drawn on with graphite. This and all subsequent firings 780oC. WG Ball 422 Electric blue transp. wet laid on iris, dried and re-fired. Pearly Karpel True Colours paints 615 Golden Yellow & 715 Pink mixed with acrylic medium, applied in several thin layers to build up skin tones and shading and PK Dk Black 424 used to define lashes and pupil better. Finally, blue ceramic lustre applied to the iris and fired.

    2) Snake eye; base coat T700 flux fired 800oC, diamond grit to matt for graphite drawing, fired 790oC. Scales painted with mixt of PK Peacock Green 112, Turquoise 002 & warm yellow 110. Dk Black 424 shading & definition, 107 White highlight.
  • Dimensions (cm): 5cm diameter
  • Techniques: Lustres, Painting
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Other
  • Name of maker: Ilona Furrokh