California Iris/Whitechapel Hollyhock Reversible pendant

  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2023
  • Description of your entry: I drew down round fine silver to make it 1mm square then soldered this onto a fine silver base with enamelling solder. Both sides of the pendant are done with cloisonné and the reverse has decorative wires added to the design of the abstract hollyhock. The Iris has some fine engraving to the leaves to show the light pattern of the veins. I used flux, opalescent white, gold foil, violet, green and opaque yellow on this. The hollyhock has the samne green and a purplish red I bought from Hillary at the conference last year.
  • Dimensions (cm): 2.5 cms x 3.5cms oval
  • Techniques: Cloisonné, Engraving, Foil/leaf, Other
  • Main base material: Fine silver
  • Type of item: Pendant
  • Name of maker: Deba McDonald
  • Link to further information: