Waterlily necklace

Waterlily necklace
  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2022
  • Description of your entry: It represents so much but especially hope, love and rebirth. Which I feel we need in these times with the covid pandemic, wars and just a lot everyone is going through on an individual as-well as group level.
    Elegant yet simple, the enamel over the silver adds an extra purity to the piece and the glistening effect of dew and sunlight on the leaf’s surface.
    The pearl represents the Lily flower in bud/closed. Did you know that the waterlily is a flower that closes at night and then when the first ray of sun touches it in the morning it opens? Light and love touch us in this way.
    I have also infused it with angelic reiki- light, love and healing from the angelic realms.
    They grow in mud yet the flower still remains pure and unblemished.
    They are a symbol in a lot of cultures for rebirth and enlightenment.
  • Dimensions (cm): 3x3
  • Techniques: Basse taille, Champlevé
  • Main base material: Sterling silver
  • Type of item: Necklace
  • Name of maker: Alexandra Simpson