Seahorse Pendant

Seahorse Pendant
  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2021
  • Submitted by: Kerry Lawrence
  • Description of your entry: Having watched many of Sandra McEwen’s video tutorials, this was my first attempt at fusing fine silver and then making a mixed champlevé and cloisonné piece. The idea was for most of the form of the seahorse to be cloisonné enamelled, but for some to be engraved on the raised silver. I have seen Jane Short do this in some of her work and wanted to give it a try on a small scale (the piece is 5.5 cm by 4 cm). The colours used were: SOJE 3 flux for silver (for base before wiring), N89 Pale Grey, N90 Medium Grey, N24 Pale Yellow, N20 V. Pale Gold, NJE T18 Orange, N73, Medium Violet, N71 V. Pale Violet, L70 Light Blue, L69 V. Light Blue, SJE200 Hard White, N3 Flux for Silver (finishing flux).
  • Dimensions (cm): 5.5x4
  • Techniques: Champlevé, Cloisonné
  • Main base material: Fine silver
  • Type of item: Pendant
  • Name of maker: Kerry Lawrence