Leaf wall hanging

Leaf wall hanging
Leaf wall hanging
  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2021
  • Submitted by: Eleanor Rogerson
  • Description of your entry: I cut a maple-like leaf shape from 0.010ā€ copper shim. I enamelled the back in liquid black (12545) and the front in chestnut brown (671) for the 1st firing. To the front I did 2 firings of deep orange (8042). For the final firing, I did buttercup (8040) with Klyr Fire in the centre and used sgraffito to give the veins. The leaf was overfired to give dark dots and a dark edge.
    I used WG Ball opaque lead free enamels, dry sifted (other than the liquid black) and fired at 820C for 1-2 min, depending on the enamel and effect I wanted.
    I glued the leaf to a wooden board Iā€™d cut and painted in chalk paints (white with a grey border). I attached a hook to the back.
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  • Type of item: Panel
  • Name of maker: Eleanor Rogerson