Butterfly for the Garden

Butterfly for the Garden
  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2021
  • Submitted by: Linda Bark
  • Description of your entry: Wings 0.5mm copper each cut with a "tab" for the body. Tabs curved, overlapped and rivetted together. to give a forward angle to the wings. Body cut from copper shim and shaped. Copper wire and glass beads for eyes and feelers. LJ101 Black used on back of wings. T6 Medium White used for the base on the fronts of wings. Pattern painted on using Sunshine painting enamels - Lamp Black, (with Azure Blue, Purple, Reed Green) Mandarin Yellow, Slate Grey, Bright Orange & Blends of these colours. W G Ball Black Liquid Enamel used for body and eyes. Feelers were oxidized with Platinol.
  • Techniques: Liquid enamels, Painting
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: 3D Form
  • Name of maker: Linda Bark
  • Guild accreditation level of artist: A.C.G.E.