Pilate's Judgement

Pilate's Judgement
Pilate's Judgement
  • Exhibition: General Exhibition 2021
  • Submitted by: Lesley Miller
  • Description of your entry: I was asked last year to reflect one of the stations of the cross for virtual sharing. This could be in any form; reading, poetry, music, image, etc. So I chose to make an enamel showing Pilate sitting in judgement on Jesus. Using the angle of looking through something towards something else is always one I like. Everything is kept simple, just the two figures, limited background details and limited, fairly subdued colours.

    Underglaze paints were painted direct onto the copper and flux (Soyer 1) sifted over before firing quite low. More paints were added and a little sifted transparent enamel in subsequent higher firings. Round copper from electric cable was used for the outline figure and I decided against cleaning the copper wire. Instead I highlighted the copper wire using gold lustre around the outside edge.
  • Techniques: Lustres
  • Main base material: Copper
  • Type of item: Panel
  • Name of maker: Lesley Miller
  • Guild accreditation level of artist: C.G.E.