The Hans Theilade Memorial Award


This award is open to members with less than three years enamelling experience, is also assessed by the Selectors but has less exacting standards than “selection” proper. Between three and six pieces, plus notes, must be submitted, and at least two weeks notice is required. (However a beginner, aiming at achieving Associate Craftsman as well as this award, may offer the same six pieces for consideration for both on the one occasion.)

Additionally the Selectors may award a Certificate of Merit to any entrants whose work is of an acceptably high standard, but who does not win the trophy.

No member can win the award more than twice and Craftsman members lose eligibility, being considered too experienced.

Special provisions are made for disabled enamellers.

Hans Theilade was another founder member of the Guild who worked tirelessly to introduce the delights of enamelling, in its simplest forms, to as many people as possible. He is remembered for "his sense of fun, experimentation and love of enamelling". These words are therefore incorporated on the Certificate to keep his memory alive and inspire those who did not know him personally.