The Rachel Gogerly Memorial Award

This award is for the three Chairmens’choice of the best exhibited enamel displaying high quality finish. It is open to all exhibitors, except selectors and tutors. The Chairmen will consider the quality and clarity of enamel along with the finish and polish of the supporting metal.

Rachel Gogerly was Guild Chairman in its 30th year and was passionate about producing a high quality of finish to her work. She was keen to pass on her skills and knowledge and ran a conference workshop and masterclass in finishing and polishing. This trophy was made by Rachel and donated to the Guild by her family.

The Painting Award

This award is for the Selectors' choice of the best exhibited enamel displaying painting techniques using vitreous onglaze pigments. It is chosen by the Selectors.

This trophy was made and presented by Gillie Hoyte Byrom.

The Kenneth Benton Award

eguild201 This award is to honour the memory of Kenneth Benton who died in 1999 and is for the piece of enamel showing the most original and innovative use of enamelling in any technique. It is chosen by the Selectors.

Kenneth Benton came to enamelling late in life, having carved out a successful career with MI6 during the war. He and his wife worked together for MI6 and you can read about their activities on Wikipedia! He discovered enamelling as an octogenarian and donated money to the Guild's reserves. Some of this was used to buy the glass paperweight trophy to be awarded in his name.

The Peter Wolfe Cloisonné Cup

 This cup is for the best example of Cloisonné enamelling on show - chosen by the Selectors.

Peter Wolfe was also a Founding Member of the Guild and a teacher of enamelling. He presented this cup to promote his favourite technique.

The Chairman's Rose Bowl

The Present, Past and Vice Chairmen have a free choice of whose work they consider should win them the Rose Bowl, but excluding anyone already selected for another award at the same conference. The three Chairmen may also award up to two additional Rose Bowl Certificates of Merit to members who were close runners up to the winner.

The bowl was presented by Dorothy Budd to mark the Guild's tenth anniversary, a year in which she was chairman.